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Have you been attending Covenant Church of Pittsburgh but want to know more? Then you are ready to DISCOVER!

Discover Covenant Church


DISCOVER Class is your first step into Covenant Church membership AND into Covenant Education! Here you can not only find out about the  Covenant Church, but also discover a few things about yourself, too! With just two weeks of attending classes, we will walk you through a brief history of the church, what we believe, and introduce you to some of the many faces at the  Covenant Church.

Also within that class, we will lead you through a personality & spiritual gifts assessment to help you know yourself better, and DISCOVER how you can use your unique combination of abilities, gifting, and personality to lead and serve here at the  Covenant Church.

After taking Discover, you are perfectly positioned to take part in any of our classes and workshops within Covenant EDU. Classes focus on Biblical literacy, personal growth, development of your spiritual gifts and more! Click REGISTER below to sign up for Discover, or for more info on our other current Covenant EDU offerings.

Why do we baptize?

Water baptism is a public act used to identify our lives with Christ; first with His death and then with His resurrection into a new life. Every believer can be baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit who teaches, comforts and empowers us.

It’s time to grow!

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