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What is Restore?

Through Pastoral Counseling, Clinical Counseling, and Life Coaching, restoration is found in supporting individuals, couples, and families through the storms of life.

Restore Ministries is an umbrella ministry, covering varied and unique opportunities to see the gifts of restoration and reconciliation in motion, regardless of the speed. Through our Issue Focused Ministry & Thorough Format Ministry, restoration is found in the desire, need for, and pursuit of inner healing.

Further, the Mentorship programs identify an opportunity to disciple believers and spend quality time with mature Christians for support and encouragement as we each walk out our callings. We were not created to run this race, called life, on our own.

There are seasons in life when we need care. Care groups are led by trusted leaders to help you walk through some of life’s challenging situations. Your Care group is a safe place to pursue wholeness in your life.

Current Care Groups include Marriage Mentorship, Never Alone Ministry, Love For 2, and FLOURISH.

All too often there is one major issue that stands out in our lives; one that just seems to bring us trouble. Through it all, we may feel shame, fear, anger, pain, or confusion. Perhaps it flares up only in certain circumstances, or perhaps it’s an ongoing issue. Restore Ministries can help.

Our Issue-Focused Ministry format focuses primarily on the major issue that is troubling you. Together, through prayer, we discover how the four sources of our problems work together to ignite and inflame the issue. We will apply foundational truths to each source as we listen to God for counsel and direction. Your IFM session can profoundly change your life as God sets you free from the root causes of an ongoing burden in your life.

The IFM ministry session takes approximately three hours and includes a book and two 45 minute follow-up sessions to be determined after your IFM session is completed. These follow-up sessions help and may include additional reading and homework to help you walk out your healing.

It’s time to Walk in Freedom!

Restore Ministries supports you by offering classes to help you go through Times of Healing/Times of Wholeness and Times of Freedom! Emotional health is waiting. Take a Restore Class and see what God has for you.

Sometimes we’re simply overwhelmed. We’ve been holding it together for so long, the beginning and end of things become blurred. Maybe we can’t even point to a single issue that’s bothering us. There may be many issues and some seem to be related and others not–it can be confusing.

The Thorough Format ministry experience examines the four sources of our problems that we all experience. During the 15 hours of ministry, we will apply the foundational truths to each source from which come our problems and systematically address the spiritual root causes as God graciously prepares our hearts and minds to receive his love.